90981-04015 - Headlight Lens Sealed Beam Hilux Standard


Weight: 1.15 kg

Aftermarket - 9098104015 Halogen headlight lens with sealed 65/55 watt beam for all Hilux standard models 8/81-1/05

Price $18.40

Hilux  KZN165 LN40 LN46 LN55 LN56 LN65 LN85 LN86 LN106 LN107 LN111 LN147 LN152 LN167 LN172 RN30 RN31 RN36 RN40 RN41 RN46 RN85 RN90 RN105 RN106 RN110 RZN147 RZN149 RZN154 RZN169 RZN174 VZN167 VZN172 YN55 YN56 YN57 YN58 YN65 YN67  8/81-1/05  standard models

4Runner  LN60 LN61 LN130 RN130 VZN130 YN60 YN63 YN130  3/84-7/91

Surf  LN130 VZN130 YN130  4/89-7/91

Subs from 90981-04001, 90981-04010 and replacement for 90981-04041, 90981-04044

NOTE - upgrade 9098104011 semi-sealed beams with added 9098150440S Tungsram H4 bulbs are available for improved headlight brightness

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