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   The replacement part images and data that is represented within this website has been compiled as accurately as possible to comply with only the Australian released vehicles production dates for all the  vehicles listed, using part numbers as a reference only to OEM parts.

   Australia is only one of 75 countries in the world that is RH drive which means we drive on the LH side of the road with the steering wheel fitted to the RH side of the vehicle. Steering, mirrors, headlights, ignition parts, seats and braking components will be different for LH drive cars.

   Please email if you need to check on the status of an order or text Peter on 0401 881 255 with TJ number or leave a short message on 0746 862 601 with order details.

   Serviced and exchange or warranty parts please send to PO Box 160, Clifton, Qld, 4361 as we do not have a shop front for delivery or collection open to the public. is currently replacing this website and the shopping cart to purchase will be offline at times with our apologies with TOJO Emporium Online (TEO) as the sole trader business name.  



(e.g. HZJ79)
(e.g. Dec 1999)

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