04434-CV06K CV Overhaul or Steering Knuckle Kit Suitable for Landcruiser 70 73 75 Series 1/90>


Weight: 1.75 kg

Price  $123.15 stock item

New Aftermarket  04434CV06K Lunds brand front axle steering knuckle ball joint repair or cv overhaul kit suitable for Landcruiser 70 73 75 series models 1/90>


Bundera  LJ70 RJ70  1/90-7/92

Landcruiser  FJ70 FJ73 FJ75 FZJ70 FZJ75 HZJ70 HZJ73 HZJ75 PZJ70 PZJ73  1/90-7/99

Kit includes Japanese Koyo king pin bearings, adustment shims, Japanese Nok inner axle oil seals, all wheel hub seals, ball joint felt kit and all gaskets for both front left hand and right hand axle swivel hubs or cv housings

NOTE - spindle stub axle support bushes 9099970067 x 2 may also be required for leaking front knuckle hub housings particularly on the LH side

NOTE - check that 6 bolts hold the inner felt backing plates earlier Bundera LJ70 RJ70 models <1/90 and Landcruiser FJ70 FJ73 FJ75 models <1/90 have 8 bolts and use 04434CV04K repair kit 

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