17173-54030 - Gasket Exhaust Manifold Hilux 2L 3L 5L


Weight: 0.08 kg

Aftermarket - exhaust manifold gasket for Hilux models 8/88- with late 2L and 3L 5L 5LE engines

Price $12.25

Hilux  LN85 LN86 LN106 LN107 LN111 LN147 LN152 LN167 LN172  8/88-1/05

4Runner  LN130  8/89-10/95

Replacement for 17173-05010

NOTE - 6 bolts and 2 studs are fitted to hold the exhaust manifold to the head from standard - stud nuts 9017610070, bolts 9011910367 and exhaust pipe sealing ring 9091706066 are all in stock

NOTE - aftermarket exhaust extractor gasket set 17173-HSM32 for Hilux models with late 2L and 3L 5L headers fitted are also available

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